Serving dinner every night, beginning at 5:30 pm.

Call: (801) 272-8255

Food Photos

These photos represents Chef Dave's seasonal menus and specials.  Items that are available to order are listed as "Current Menu."


Grilled Bison Teres Major Steak/Current Menu

 Sake Marinated Market Fish/Current Menu

 Chipotle-Honey Glazed Salmon/Current Menu

Steamed Clams with Spicy Italian Sausage/Current Menu

 Pepper Seared Filet/Current Menu

Grilled Natural Chicken Breast/Current Menu

Grilled Duck Breast/Current Menu

Bison Carpaccio

 Grilled Calamari

Crab Cakes

Polenta Fontina

Egg Pappardelle

Lamb Rack