Message from Margo

May 2006

Dear Log Haven friends and family,

Warm breezes swiftly melt our winter snows. The canyon winter wildlife come to sip and dip in the pond and our ducks are feeling frisky. Tulip shoots seem to have appeared overnight although we know they have been waiting for these warm days all winter long. This is a truly thrilling time of renewal and rebirth.
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Mother's and
Father's Day

'Tis the season to celebrate parents! Mother’s and Father’s Day are the perfect times to enjoy the glories of Millcreek Canyon. The whole family can stroll, hike or bike any of the canyon’s incredible trails while working up an appetite for Log Haven. Make your reservations now (or tell the kids) and let Log Haven nurture your family.

Mother’s Day
Sunday, May 14th, 11:30am-6pm
The menu offers four courses of exciting tastes for every mom. The fixed price menu is $30 and moms will have choices within three of the four courses.

Father’s Day
Sunday, June 18th, 1pm-6pm.
Dads will love the
Log Haven barbeque hosted by Chef Dave Jones. To really top things off, there will be a make-your-own-sundae station featuring the acclaimed all-natural, hand-crafted ice cream and sorbets from Salt Lake’s Spotted Dog Creamery.

Please call (801) 272-8255 to make reservations.

Mother's Day Menu

Welcome Amuse

Apple and walnut salad
with citrus dressing
Chilled sweet pea and mint soup with smoked salmon

Grilled wild salmon,
crabmeat gazpacho
Roasted leg of lamb, potato confit and grilled asparagus
Seared chicken breast,
spicy couscous, cherry
and lemon marmalade
Flatiron steak, goat cheese tamale and southwestern barbecue sauce

Banana cream pie,
caramel sauce
White chocolate strawberry tart, vanilla cream
Chocolate fantasy
Please call 801.272.8255 to make your reservation.  

Dynamics of Buying Locally
by Chef Frank Mendoza

As a chef operating in a diverse and evolving culinary atmosphere — such as Log Haven’s, I can source my product from anywhere in the world at any time. If a chef is connected with the right vendors his cuisine becomes “globally inspired” in the true sense of this hip term. This means I can source my white anchovies from Spain; capture the essence of the current trends in presentation of this item through studying what other chefs are doing with it and the culture around the item.
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Chef Mendoza’s Recipe: Kobe Beef Salad
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Spring Bouquets
by Faith Sweeten

As the crocuses break ground along Log Haven’s pathway, my mind drifts towards a favorite scene from the musical Camelot. Guinevere is bounding through trees budding with boughs of spring - circling lazy, romanced couples, happily singing about the lusty month of May.

We too are preparing to welcome our lovebirds this spring. Log Haven creates a rainbow of color with tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and lilies. Our brides are adorned with the fragrance and beauty of spring. Read on>>

The Soul of Wine
by Ian Campbell

I have a confession to make. When shopping for wine, I pay attention to the scores issued by influential wine critics, particularly those of Robert Parker, and the Wine Spectator writers. When I am considering buying two Cabernets, and they are about the same price, if one wine was given a 92, while the other only managed to garner an 88, I'll probably purchase the higher-scoring wine. I am embarrassed to admit this, because I should know better.
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Log Haven's
Upcoming Events

May 9th
Chef Frank on Good Things Utah

May 14th
Mother's Day

June 18th
Father's Day

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Spring Menu

Garden salad, tomatoes,
basil dressing

Parsley soup, baked crab biscuit
and oyster gravy

Marinated ahi, tempura
mango roll, and ginger jello

Langoustine and spring
garlic tartare, lacy milk crêpe
and garden tomato jelly

Paella and chorizo
stuffed mussels, arrabiatta broth

Grilled Kumamoto oysters,
mâche and smoked bacon salad, grilled almond dressing
and pretzel bread

Kobe beef salad, iceberg lettuce
and crystallized oranges,
nitro chili brûlée

Red abalone crisp,
grapefruit marmalade, seawater snocone and sesame tuile with eastern vinaigrette

Smoked salmon and textures
of artichoke, olive oil fondue
and anise tuiles

Couscous layered with grilled portabellos, braised greens,
red peppers and toasted pine nuts. Curried apple sauce and
golden raisins

Utah Buffalo tenderloin
and corn fritter, red sea coffee barbecue

Veal short ribs with parsley
root purée and spring onion buttermilk crisps, natural juices

Sturgeon crusted with black
truffle, sweet onion apple hash
and green asparagus sauce

Diver scallops, creamy celery root, bok choy tempura and wild mushroom jus

Niman pork chop, mascarpone
“Mac' n cheese” pork belly confit with cherry, vanilla
and chamomile marmalade

Wild Alaskan halibut,
gently cooked with citrus spices, spring vegetable “clarity”

Grilled bobwhite quail, mashed heirloom beans and raw fennel grapefruit salad with balsamic jus and fennel pollen

Venison loin, brown sugar crust, sourdough pudding and wild huckleberries

Organic turkey breast,
buttered chicory with roasted apple pancake, pomegranate molasses

Premium organic beefsteak,
chef’s preparation

Frank Mendoza – Chef
Chris Hayward – Sous Chef

Spring Dessert Menu
Macadamia Apple Jack
Cinnamon toast ice cream, Muscat grape vanilla syrup 
Butterscotch Pot
de crème

Peppermint lace cookies 
Chocolate Pudding Cake
Milk ice cream, wild huckleberry stew 
Chocolate Milk Crepes
Orange tea marmalade,
fresh berries 
Brie Fondue
Pear crisp, pepper jam
with cabernet mint syrup 

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