Message from Margo

June 2006

Dear Log Haven friends and family,

I am thrilled to announce Patio Dining has returned to Log Haven. Exciting signs of summer are all around. Sweet William blankets the waterfall and the lilacs are out of this world. I have had the pleasure of dining al fresco accompanied...

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Father's Day

We want to give Dad a break from the grill this Father’s Day. We have a really fun day planned, with an afternoon-long BBQ buffet and ice cream sundae party on our acclaimed patio. Chef Frank Mendoza and guest chef Dave Jones will fire up the grill and serve scrumptious barbecue creations from the earth, surf and turf.

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Chefs as Artists
By Chef Frank Mendoza

Are chefs artists? The answer is yes and no. Some are simple craftsman, some artists. Just as a cluster of grapes can express the land in which it grows, some chefs can create dishes that reflect their personality. Some chefs can bring together essential nourishment (that’s why we eat, right?) as well as a level of flavor mingling and playfulness that is ultimately a self-expression.

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Tails of Love
By Faith Sweeten

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
~Roger Caras

I have a wacky-overly-excited-absolutely-loveable black Labrador. To me, he is a human with fur. I share this love and adoration with several of Log Haven’s wedding couples. Our furry friends have been part of several wedding celebrations at Log Haven.
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Summer 2006 Wine Program
By Ian Campbell

Featured wine style: Rosé

For many of us, Rosé is an antiquated term that has since been replaced by the word Blush or White Zinfandel. This style of wine conjures up memories of innocuous, semi-sweet California White Zins that the wine drinker of today scoffs at for being spineless and unchallenging.
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Dr. Sherri Goldstein, Intuitive Counselor, Returns to Log Haven

We’re pleased to announce that Dr. Sherri Goldstein is returning to Salt Lake City and is available to see clients here at Log Haven. She is FABULOUS! Originally trained as a homeopathic practitioner with a medical doctor of homeopathy degree, Sherri chose to leave the medical field to concentrate on therapeutic consultancy in personal behavior and belief systems.
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Log Haven's
Upcoming Events

June 9th
Chef Frank on Good Things Utah

June 18th
Father's Day

July 3-7
Dr. Sherri Goldstein at Log Haven

August 21-25
DiRoNa Week

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Summer Menu

Garden salad, tomatoes,
basil dressing

Parsley soup, baked crab biscuit
and oyster gravy

Marinated ahi, tempura
mango roll, and ginger jello

Langoustine and spring
garlic tartare, lacy milk crêpe
and garden tomato jelly

Paella and chorizo
stuffed mussels, arrabiatta broth

Grilled Kumamoto oysters,
mâche and smoked bacon salad, grilled almond dressing
and pretzel bread

Kobe beef salad, iceberg lettuce
and crystallized oranges,
nitro chili brûlée

Red abalone crisp,
grapefruit marmalade, seawater snocone and sesame tuile with eastern vinaigrette

Smoked salmon and textures
of artichoke, olive oil fondue
and anise tuiles

Couscous layered with grilled portabellos, braised greens,
red peppers and toasted pine nuts. Curried apple sauce and
golden raisins

Utah Buffalo tenderloin
and corn fritter, red sea coffee barbecue

Veal short ribs with parsley
root purée and spring onion buttermilk crisps, natural juices

Sturgeon crusted with black
truffle, sweet onion apple hash
and green asparagus sauce

Diver scallops, creamy celery root, bok choy tempura and wild mushroom jus

Niman pork chop, mascarpone
“Mac' n cheese” pork belly confit with cherry, vanilla
and chamomile marmalade

Wild Alaskan halibut,
gently cooked with citrus spices, spring vegetable “clarity”

Grilled bobwhite quail, mashed heirloom beans and raw fennel grapefruit salad with balsamic jus and fennel pollen

Venison loin, brown sugar crust, sourdough pudding and wild huckleberries

Organic turkey breast,
buttered chicory with roasted apple pancake, pomegranate molasses

Premium organic beefsteak,
chef’s preparation

Frank Mendoza – Chef
Chris Hayward – Sous Chef

Summer Dessert Menu
Macadamia Apple Jack
Cinnamon toast ice cream, Muscat grape vanilla syrup 
Butterscotch Pot
de crème

Peppermint lace cookies 
Chocolate Pudding Cake
Milk ice cream, wild huckleberry stew 
Chocolate Milk Crepes
Orange tea marmalade,
fresh berries 
Brie Fondue
Pear crisp, pepper jam
with cabernet mint syrup 

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