Message from Margo

February 2007

Happy New Year! I promise 2007 will be a stellar year full of new programs and special offerings for you, our loyal customers. Your notes, letters and emails continue to come in with praise and recommendations for festivities throughout the year. I was very touched by your ‘memories’ during the month of November and we were privileged to support The Sharing Place as part of this most special celebration. Thank you.
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Chef Kevin Donovan prepares for Chocolate Fantasy Week
By Chef Kevin Donovan

Chocolate, which grows in tropical regions of the world and is harvested from many varieties of cocoa beans, was considered by the Aztec King Montezuma to be an aphrodisiac and a “food of the gods.” The thought of chocolate triggers memories of sweet, rich and decadent desserts for most of us.
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Valentine’s Day

We have some special plans for Valentine's Day. We’re offering romantic entrees and a made-to-share dessert in addition to our normal menu. Seating is open, with reservations beginning at 5:30. We only have a few tables left, so please call as soon as you can.
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Cabernet as Second Fiddle
By Ian Campbell

Ask most casual wine drinkers in the United States, “What is the most prestigious red wine made in America?” and chances are they will answer “Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.” Read on>>


Wedding Cakes 101
By Faith Sweeten

  In all of the wedding cake, hope is the sweetest of plums. - Douglas Jerrold

The ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake has become a time-honored tradition. In ancient Rome it was more akin to “breaking bread” as the groom would eat part of a loaf of barley bread and then break the rest over the bride’s head, signifying a long life and many children.
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Musical Tastes
By Stephan Hirsch

What kind of music do we have here at Log Haven? Well, a quick look in the dictionary defines a haven as, among others things, a refuge. So perhaps when one wants to take refuge from the day’s pedestrian concerns by partaking in some very fine dining in our elegantly rustic log cabin one would hear background music that complements the setting. Read on>>

Winter Menu 07


Garden Salad, diced asian pears, honey pecan dressing

King Crab Caesar Salad, with garlic croutons

Brie Stuffed with Truffles, autumn beet salad, and green apple thyme vinaigrette


Grilled Lobster Sausage, mushroom duxelle soufflé,
apple rosemary water

Smoked Salmon, potato leek pancake, horseradish dill cream

Wild Boar Spareribs, kafir lime congee and pickled mangoes

Cheese Soup, broccoli flan
and smoked bacon

Marinated Ahi, tempura mango roll, and ginger jello


Loin of Caribou, potato and smoked bacon croquettes, gingerbread and blueberry ketchup

King Salmon Wellington, creamy onion coulis,
pinot noir jus

Roasted Chicken,
hoisin glaze, tempura bok choy,
persimmon marmalade

Double Pork Chop,
mascarpone macaroni,
braised arugula and apples,
smoked paprika sauce

Grilled Buffalo,
steak frites with
buttered spinach
and peppercorn sauce

Grilled Vegetable and Polenta Cake, smoked tomato sauce

Grilled Prime Loin of Beef, potato puree, wild mushrooms

Diver Scallops, grilled plantains, avocado and cucumber coulis, blue prawn vinaigrette

Ahi Tuna, cardamom crust, Cuban sweet potatoes,
citrus nage

Angus Prime Rib Au Jus,
bacon stuffed potato, greens
and horseradish (Fridays
and Saturdays)

Kevin Donovan – Chef
Sam Stringer – Sous Chef

Dessert Menu
Green Tomato and Almond Tart, caramel ice cream

    Chocolate Crème Brûlée vanilla sorbet 

  Apple Cranberry Cobbler gingerbread topping, roasted pumpkin ice cream

  Warm Chocolate Chili Fondant white chocolate biscuit,
orange cream ice 

  Chocolate Fondue Cake assorted accompaniments 

  Berry Consommé Chocolate coconut croquettes
Log Haven's
Upcoming Events

Feb 14
Valentine’s Day. Featuring our regular menu and several especially romantic menu items.

February 22
Chef Kevin Donovan featured on Good Things Utah

March 5-11
Chocolate Fantasy Week

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